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Embark on a Breathtaking Road Trip Across Cornwall with a Car Rental

Cornwall, with its stunning coastlines, awe-inspiring landscapes, and deeply ingrained cultural history, has always been a traveller’s delight. Complete with picturesque villages, towering cliffs, sandy beaches and an exciting blend of traditional and modern culinary attractions, this county offers something for every traveller.

What better way to explore the charm and beauty of Cornwall than by embarking on a self-driven road trip? With a rented vehicle at your disposal, you can truly immerse yourself in the Cornwall experience, all at your own pace and leisure.

A&A Vehicle Rental, located in Launceston on the Pennygillam Industrial Estate, stands as a beacon of reliable car hire services in Cornwall. A family run business known for its friendly and professional approach, A&A offers an extensive selection of cars to meet your specific road trip needs. Whether you are a solo traveller, a family on holiday, or a group of friends on an adventure, you will find the perfect vehicle that matches your comfort and style from our broad range of well-maintained cars.

Navigating through Cornwall in your rental car from A&A Vehicle Rental allows you to experience the county’s beautiful sights, sounds and tastes in the most wholesome and free-spirited way possible.

Our comprehensive guide serves as the perfect companion to make your journey unforgettable. So buckle up and get ready to create a treasure-trove of memories on your Cornwall road trip!

1. Explore Cornwall in a Motorhome: The Ultimate Adventure

There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the essence of Cornwall than by venturing on a motorhome holiday. With the freedom to travel at your leisure and the convenience of having a comfortable abode on wheels, you can create unforgettable memories as you explore the county’s diverse landscapes and vibrant communities. Here are some fantastic destinations to include on your Cornwall motorhome adventure:

  • Bodmin Moor: Steeped in history and folklore, Bodmin Moor offers a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature. Visit iconic sites like the ancient Hurlers Stone Circles, the legendary Dozmary Pool, and the impressive Cheesewring rock formation.

  • The Roseland Peninsula: Discover idyllic villages, serene beaches and peaceful coastal walks on this untouched stretch of Cornwall. Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque St Mawes village and unwind at the nearby secluded beaches of Pendower and Carne.

  • Porthcurno and Land’s End: Visit the renowned Minack Theatre, offering a unique open-air performance experience against a backdrop of turquoise sea and dramatic cliffs. Continue to the Land’s End, where the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean awaits.

2. Choosing the Right Motorhome for Your Cornwall Adventure

Picking the perfect motorhome for your trip is essential for ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. A&A Vehicle Rental offers a comprehensive selection of motorhomes to suit various needs. Keep these factors in mind while making your choice:

  • Size and Berths: The number of occupants travelling in the motorhome is crucial when selecting the right size. Choose from compact motorhomes designed for couples to spacious family layouts offering comfortable berths for larger groups.

  • Essential Amenities: The ideal motorhome should be equipped with essential amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable seating area to provide a pleasant home from home experience.

  • Storage Space: Ensure there is enough storage capacity in the motorhome for your belongings and any recreational items, like bicycles or surfboards.

3. Plan Your Perfect Motorhome Tour

Creating a flexible itinerary that allows for impromptu detours and leisurely explorations can enhance your motorhome experience in Cornwall. Here are some helpful tips on crafting your ideal motorhome journey:

  • Route Planning: Map out your driving routes in advance, factoring in the size and type of roads best suited for motorhome travel. Avoid narrow lanes and tight corners that could pose difficulties for larger vehicles.

  • Campsites and Parking: Research motorhome-friendly campsites and parking options in the areas you plan to visit. Popular holiday spots can become crowded during peak season, so secure suitable overnight locations by booking in advance to guarantee peace of mind.

  • Local Attractions and Activities: Compile a list of local attractions and activities you don’t want to miss out on, taking into account their accessibility with a motorhome. Whether it’s awe-inspiring coastal walks, quaint fishing villages or delicious seafood restaurants, prioritising your must-experience destinations is crucial.

4. Tips for First-Time Motorhome Travellers in Cornwall

If you’re new to the world of motorhome travel, here are some pointers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure in Cornwall:

  • Get Familiar with Your Motorhome: Spend time familiarising yourself with the motorhome’s layout, facilities and operation to enhance your comfort and confidence on the road.

  • Driving Skills and Safety: Be mindful of the size and weight of the motorhome and observe road rules and speed limits diligently to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

  • Responsible Tourism: Adopt eco-friendly practices like disposing of waste and grey water appropriately, minimising the use of single-use plastics and respecting nature by sticking to designated paths and leaving attractions as you find them.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the gorgeous landscapes, historical sites and charming communities of Cornwall aboard a motorhome promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

With our comprehensive guide on motorhome travel and the expertise of A&A Vehicle Rental at your service, you can embark on your very own Cornwall motorhome adventure with confidence and ease, creating treasured memories along the way. Get ready to embrace the magic of Cornwall and tour this incredible county like never before — call us for a car hire in Cornwall today!

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