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Explore Cornwall’s Lesser-Known Attractions with AAA Vehicle Rental

Cornwall, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and rich history, has long been a beloved destination among travellers looking for an escape to the English countryside. While many flock to its prominent attractions, such as the Eden Project, St. Michael’s Mount, and Land’s End, this enchanting region still holds a wealth of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. To experience the true charm of Cornwall, venturing off the beaten track can reward you with captivating sights and memorable experiences that will make your visit truly unforgettable. Consider enhancing your exploration by opting for vehicle rental services, providing the flexibility to uncover these hidden treasures at your own pace.


As a family-run, friendly, and professional vehicle hire company based in Launceston, Cornwall, AAA Vehicle Rental is dedicated to providing customers with remarkable travel experiences in this stunning region. With our fleet of cars, vans, and motorhomes for hire, we’re here to ensure you have the perfect vehicle to explore every corner of Cornwall—both its iconic attractions and lesser-known gems alike. Choose AAA Vehicle Rental for a seamless and personalized journey, giving you the freedom to create lasting memories at your own pace.


Hit the road and uncover Cornwall’s hidden gems! In this blog post, titled “Discovering Cornwall’s Secrets with AAA Car Rentals,” we’ll be your guide on an exciting adventure. We’ll introduce you to some of the lesser-known, yet breathtaking, destinations Cornwall has to offer. Whether you’re an adventurous traveller seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences or a Cornwall lover wanting to discover more of the region’s beauty, our expert recommendations will take your trip to the next level.

Equipped with our insights and insider knowledge, you’ll soon embark on a journey that captures the heart and soul of Cornwall, revealing the less frequented, but equally enchanting destinations that lie within its borders. By choosing AAA Vehicle Rental as your trusted vehicle hire partner, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to uncover Cornwall’s most treasured secrets at your own pace, ultimately creating an escape like no other.

1. A Curated Selection of Hidden Gems in Cornwall

To truly embrace the spirit of Cornwall, sometimes it’s necessary to step away from the crowds and venture further into its captivating landscapes. Here are five hidden gems we recommend you explore during your visit:

Golitha Falls: A breathtaking series of cascades nestled in a woodland glade on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Delight in a serene walk along the River Fowey, which winds its way through the ancient oak trees and moss-covered rocks.


Godolphin House & Gardens: Step back in time and explore this historic, yet lesser-known, Cornish estate. Boasting a medieval garden and tranquil woodlands, it’s a romantic escape from modern life.


Porthcurno Beach: Often overshadowed by Cornwall’s more famous beaches, Porthcurno’s fine white sand, crystal-clear waters, and dramatic cliffs make it a truly magical discovery for those willing to venture further.


St Nectan’s Glen: A hidden sanctuary in the heart of Cornwall, with a breathtaking 60-foot waterfall. Discover Celtic legends associated with this enchanted valley, and revel in the peace and tranquillity that this natural oasis provides.

Kynance Cove: Often considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall, its turquoise waters and white sand exude a Mediterranean vibe. Although more popular in recent years, it’s still an exquisite destination worth exploring before the masses arrive.

2. Preparing for Your Off-The-Beaten-Track Cornish Adventure

Embarking on a journey to discover lesser-visited corners of Cornwall requires preparation and forethought. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your off-the-beaten-track adventure:

– Plan Your Itinerary: Account for travel times, meal breaks, and the need for wiggle room in case you stumble across even more hidden gems.

– Gear Up: Equip yourself with appropriate clothing, footwear, and accessories, considering the unpredictable Cornish weather. Don’t forget a map and a guidebook (or apps) to help navigate your adventure.

– Stay Safe and Respectful: As you explore more remote destinations, be mindful of safety guidelines, local customs, and environmental considerations. Avoid trespassing on private property, stick to designated paths, and take your rubbish with you.

– Stay Connected: Keep a charged mobile phone with you, and equip yourself with essential emergency contacts and the AAA Vehicle Rental support number.

3. Maximising Your AAA Vehicle Rental Experience

The flexibility of hiring a vehicle from AAA Vehicle Rental allows you to travel at your leisure and explore Cornwall’s hidden gems at your own pace. Consider the following tips for an effortless and enjoyable experience:

Select the Right Vehicle: Choose a vehicle that matches your needs and comfort levels – whether it’s a spacious motorhome, a practical van, or a reliable car.

– Be Prepared and Informed: Familiarise yourself with your chosen vehicle beforehand, as well as any essential equipment you might need for your trip.

– Know Your Route: While embarking on an off-the-beaten-track adventure involves a healthy dose of exploration, ensure that you have a general understanding of your route to avoid getting lost or encountering driving difficulties.

– Stay Up-To-Date with Local Road Conditions: Be aware of any potential road closures or diversions that may impact your intended itinerary, and adjust accordingly.

4. Preserving Cornwall’s Hidden Gems and Respecting the Environment

As you set off to discover Cornwall’s lesser-known attractions, it’s essential to not only appreciate their beauty but also contribute to their preservation. Adopt these practices to protect the environment and respect local customs:

– Take Only Photos, Leave Only Footprints: Resist the temptation to take home natural souvenirs or leave anything behind that could harm the environment.

– Mapping Your Impact: Keep track of the locations you visit, making notes of particularly fragile areas, or concerns you observe that may need attention from local authorities.

– Using Sustainable Practices: Opt for reusable items and reduce waste while travelling. Dispose of litter appropriately and avoid picking native flora or disturbing wildlife.

– Support Local Communities: Engage with local businesses by shopping at their establishments, learning about their stories, and immersing yourself in their authentic Cornish experiences.


Exploring the hidden gems of Cornwall in a Cornwall van hire from AAA Vehicle Rental is an extraordinary opportunity to uncover the region’s lesser-visited, yet equally enchanting destinations. By following our expert recommendations, your journey will be a captivating, immersive, and responsible adventure that respects both the region’s beauty and the local inhabitants. Create fond memories of secret waterfalls, enchanted valleys, and serene woodlands that will serve as a testament to the magic of Cornwall, proving that this treasured landscape boasts charms that transcend its more frequently visited attractions.

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