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Some Vital Things to Consider before Renting a Car

When you have to get somewhere that isn’t within walking distance, renting a car is far more convenient than waiting for public transportation or spending money on a cab. However, if you aren’t careful, hidden fees might seriously hurt your budget. That said,  take note of this simple checklist to ensure you’re ready for anything.


      • Your Credit Card Company May Offer Insurance Coverage

    You will be offered pricey insurance to cover any damages to the rented automobile. Even if your automobile insurance doesn’t include coverage for rental cars, you might not need to pay the extra $10 to $25 per day for this. Free rental car insurance is a perk offered by several major credit cards. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket just yet. Insurance limits can be high or nonexistent, depending on the credit card. Before making a trip, make a quick call to make sure. Indeed, the cost of renter’s insurance is something you may potentially avoid.


        • Every Driver Is Well Accounted For — And Expensive

      Rental car agencies usually charge a fee for adding new drivers to the contract, regardless of whether or not they’re above the age of 25. Before deciding on a certain number of drivers, make sure you give this some serious thought. Just pick one or two, and you won’t have to worry about any extra charges.


          • Youth Drivers Cost Even More

        Until recently, rent-a-car agencies were strict about not letting drivers who were younger than 21 behind the wheel. Many now do; however, adding a young driver (anyone younger than 25) to the register often comes with a costly daily price.


            • Stay On Paved Roads

          When a rental car agent goes over the company’s rules and regulations with you, it’s easy to miss a few of the finer points. One important thing to remember is that most automobile rental agencies do not allow their vehicles to be driven on dirt roads. Driving on gravel or an unpaved road will certainly nullify any collision damage waiver or other rental car insurance you may have purchased. If you don’t want to spend money, don’t go exploring off the established path.


              • Don’t Forget to Fill up the Gas Tank before Returning the Car

            You must fill up at the nearest gas station on the drive back to the rental car lot. When returning a rental automobile, it’s standard practice for the gas tank to be full. If you don’t do this, you’ll have to pay for a refill. Moreover, rental car businesses typically charge a premium above the going rate for gasoline.


                • Avoid Paying the Extra Airport Fee

              An additional airport fee is added to each rental car picked up at the airport’s main terminal. There is no way around this tax if you choose to hire a car at an airport since the rental agency must pay these surcharges to the place and then pass them on to the customer. The good news is that shuttles will take you to a location outside the airport where you can hire a car.


              With proper planning, you can reap the benefits of renting a car without being blindsided by hidden costs. Find out as much as you can about the rental automobile you’re considering and its associated costs by doing some homework and asking lots of questions early on.

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