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What You Should Know When Hiring a Campervan in the UK

Owning a campervan lets you explore your country at a unique pace. This vehicle also saves you from booking costly hotels and complicated travel arrangements.

However, not everyone is ready for that full-time commitment due to the associated costs, high maintenance requirements, and the new lifestyle. You can enjoy your incoming travels stress-free by calling a car hire company and renting a campervan instead. 

If you want to maximise your incoming trips, this article will enumerate ten things to know when hiring a campervan in the UK. 

1. You May Need to Be 25 or Over

You can rent a campervan in the UK by being 25 years old and carrying a valid driver’s licence. If it’s from another country, check if you need an International Driving Permit. Don’t hire smaller campervans, as it will spare you from needing a different category driving licence. If you have points in your name, you may need to declare them, and having more than six points may prevent you from renting a campervan.

2. British People Drive on the Left

Driving in the UK can be challenging, especially if you’re not used to travelling on the left side of the road. Before embarking on a campervan adventure, practise in a car park or quiet place. Although you may choose automatic transmission, remember that not all models in your car hire company have this option. 

3. Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better Quality

Roads and parking spaces in the UK can be narrow and challenging for larger vehicles. Choosing a smaller campervan or motorhome from a professional car hire company can make your driving and parking experience easier. You should also watch for passing places on narrow roads to ensure road and pedestrian safety and prevent accidents and congestion. 

4. Read the Contract Carefully 

When renting a campervan from a car hire company, check the contract for a mileage limit, one-way surcharge, insurance coverage, excess, additional driver coverage, and breakdown cover. You should also check the included equipment, like bedding, towels, toilet, wash facilities, and cooking utensils.

5. Check the Dates Carefully

Before booking a campervan road trip, always check for peak holiday season dates. The holidays will be more in high demand and costlier. On the other hand, weekdays in the shoulder or off-season will be cheaper, and it will be easier to book campsites.

6. Find the Right Petrol Station

Don’t fill up your campervan at motorways, busy main road service stations, or remote locations, as they have higher petrol or diesel prices.

7. You Can’t Wild Camp in England and Wales

In the UK, you can’t wild camp in a campervan without the landowner’s consent. Your safest option is to book a campsite, especially when hiring this vehicle in England or Wales. However, some opportunities exist for semi-wild camping in pub car parks and secluded spots for one-night stays.

8. Use Your GPS Wisely 

Use a Global Positioning System (GPS) specifically for campervans, program it in your vehicle’s height and width, and don’t solely rely on it to find the best route. Also, check campsite instructions and don’t trust unruly GPSs in rural areas. 

9. Bring Cash for Car Parking

Car parks can be tricky to pay for and often result in fines. You should also prepare as some only take coins without change. Moreover, note the paid time, display lots, photograph the ticket, and check for barriers that may block larger vehicles.

10. Don’t Depend on Your Phone or Wi-Fi Signal

Don’t expect Wi-Fi while camping in remote areas. Download maps and other important information beforehand, and consider bringing a paper map as backup. You should also maximise the Wi-Fi when available to download tickets and directions.


A campervan lets you live and enjoy the outdoors on wheels, but this freedom comes with a responsibility. You can maximise these benefits without committing to a full-time promise by calling a car hire company and renting this vehicle instead. 

If you need a professional car hire in Cornwall for your incoming journeys, call AAA Vehicle Rental! Our family-run rental business aims to provide fast, flexible, and reliable services. Contact us now to find the best campervan for you!

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